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In the 3D projection business? 

5 mm rigid screen with dark gray color - 3D capability
  • Hard type
  • 5 mm rigid screen with dark gray color 
  • 60/80” (4:3), 60/80/100”(16:9) - seamless
  • 3D Capability with high polarization retention.
3D Super power screen
  • Unrivaled 3D High Brightness!
  • Very High Polarization Retention
  • Ultra High Resolution (Capable of UHD)

Looking for 3D screens?  Please send us your inquiry with your specifications.

We can provide high end 3D front projection screens and high end 3D rear projection screens

    Unrivaled High Brightness! Very High Polarization Retention Ultra High Resolution (Capable of UHD)
Hardware, software and films supporting 3D are becoming increasingly available, and the Super Power 
3D screen is poised to make the next leap in home theater more attractive. This is the world’s first concave 
lens-type screen optimized for use in a 3D home theater. This 3D concave projection screen uses optical 
lens technology to provide 20 gains of brightness and retain more than 99% of high polarization. 
It will simulate depth and improve image resolution.

The brightness is especially important with 3D technology. Polarized transmission, coupled with
polarized glasses, means the brightness of 3D images fall to less than 35 percent of traditional images, 
and polarization rate also drops between the source and the eyes of the audience. Not only that, 
but the brightness of the image on the screen also drops in proportion to its size.

This screen solves the problem of brightness by increasing the reflection of light to 20 gain and polarization 
rate 6-10 times compared to standard silver screens. This technology provides bright images 
on big size screens (above 100”) in high ambient light, providing high quality 3D images in home theaters.

Our screen paired with projectors will give you a stylish, attractive, and practical way to make the next 
leap in 3D theater technology and display bright, high-definition 3D content. 

We manufacture paper 3D glasses, plastic polarized 3D glasses, projector polarizer. 

A wide range of frame styles, specialty optics with full color printing availability.

Stock order of our paper 3D glasses, 3D decoders, Fireworks Glasses, Glasses or a special order of custom printed 3-d glasses 


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